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August 1, 2017
"Maggie, do I need help?"

Maybe YES and maybe NO, depending upon your circumstances.

As a very capable, intelligent person, success comes naturally and the idea of sharing goals and admitting personal dilemmas might seem like a foreign concept. For now you are managing well, your chosen work is successful and you have good life-work balance. Someday you would like to be paid an upper-management salary and move into a position with more responsibility.  As the prospect looms in the future one may think they do not need any outside help. HOWEVER, we know from research and anecdotal reports that people who have mentors, advocates, counselors, coaches and perhaps just a wise friend or partner with a good ear, these people do better strategically in achieving their goals. Someone is encouraging and giving them beneficial support. People benefit hugely from objective, empathic and clear thinking advice from a knowledgeable individual.

When confronted with a major decision in life we feel comforted by discussing it with another person before determining the answer. We want to be sure we are making the RIGHT choice so we try to get feedback from friends and family.  Whether or not one accepts the given advice is then another decision point. 

In making career decisions, which can be major life decisions, Maggie recommends that one talk to a person who has an objective viewpoint, preferably someone with knowledge of a work environment and then ask for input before making a major decision.

A career coach like Maggie, helps one see the pros and con’s of a career change and supports thoughtful, deliberative decision-making.

A decision is important, choose it wisely.